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Episode Transcripts:

EP 1: David Rosenthal from Acquired

EP 2: Rahat Ahmed from Anchorless

EP 3: Brent Beshore , Founder & CEO of Permanent Equity

EP 4: Amanda Groves from PLUS Capital

EP 5: Bruce Felt, CFO Domo

EP 6: Andy Trattner Interviews Thomas McGannon

EP 7: Tripp Jones from Uncork Capital

EP 8: Gerard Ramos, CEO at Revelry Labs

EP 9: Julian Posada, CEO at LiftUp Enterprises

EP 10: Jessica Lyons and Tamar Hills from Brooks Running

EP 11: Sasha Kaletsky Co-Founder of Creator Ventures

EP 12: Tom Shea, Co-Founder Adgile Media Group

EP 13: Joanna Shevelenko and Kelly Graziadei from f7 Ventures

EP 14: Tony Perez, Founder of Peregrine Capital Group

EP 15: Jason Corsello Founder of Acadian Ventures

EP 16: Nick Moran from The Full Ratchet and New Stack Ventures

EP 17: Katelin Holloway, Co-Founder of Seven Seven Six

EP 18: Jake Hoffberg of Equifund

EP 19: Kyle Harrison, GP at Contrary Capital

EP 20: Steve Ressler From Brydon Group

EP 21 Jake Beebe, CEO of AllRec Awards

EP 22 David Rosenthal, Co-Host of Acquired and Partner at Kindergarten Ventures

EP 23: Jenny Bloom Former CFO of Mailchimp & Zapier, and Akash Khanlokar, CEO of Octane AI

EP 24: Paul Santos, Partner at Wavemaker Capital

EP 26: Heather Loomis Tighe, Family Office Strategist & Advisor

EP 27: Ben Dahl Co Founder of Unspam and Managing Director of Signal Peak Ventures

EP 28: Matt Gialich Co Founder of AstroForge & Joe Wilson Founder of Undeterred Capital

EP 29: Lucy Wang & Katie Shea, Co-founders of Divergent Capital

About Thomas

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Thomas McGannon

CFA, Investor

Thomas is a CFA, who has spent more than a decade helping found and run a successful long/short public equities fund. Thomas’ entire career has been focused on helping steward multi-generational family resources. He is known for his high energy, optimism and deep curiosity.

Unlimited Partners (UP) is an investing and self-improvement podcast focused on discovering and celebrating partnership. The podcast aims to take a deeper look at what makes business, philanthropic and interpersonal partnerships successful. Through interviews with established and emerging investment managers (VC, private and public equity, family offices, institutions, endowments and pension funds), entrepreneurs, public company executives and community leaders, UP will share inspiring and educational stories about alignment of interests, goal setting and relationship-building.

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